Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dstv, Mytv, Hitv, Multitv Installation in Nigeria

To install your satellite, especially for those staying in Africa, you can install any of dstv, hitv, mytv or multitv.
I will explain them one after the other.
1. DSTV: this simply means Digital Satellite Television. This is owned by multi choice and they are the first to come to Nigeria. They have very interesting stations that you can’t afford to miss. Their monthly subscription is also very cheap ranging from N2500.00 to N9500.00. Whichever you choose, you are going to enjoy it. They have the right in Nigeria to show the English premiership. If you are a football lover, you can’t afford not to install dstv, you only have to subscribe N9500.
2. HITV: this is good for old people because it has different types of indigenous channels such as amuludun for Yoruba, hausa and igbo stations which people staying in Nigeria can’t afford to install. They amuse and entertain both old and young people. They are presently having promo. If you install hitv now, you will be allowed to watch their premium bouquet which is N3500.00 monthly for two months free. They also have exciting stations you will surely like. Their minimum monthly subscription is N1900.00. If you however want to watch their full channels; including hi-soccer, hi-sports that shows champion’s league; you have to go for the premium bouquet which is N3500.00.
3. MYTV: close to ten Christian channel are free on mytv without monthly subscription. Their channels are so entertaining. I recommend it for all because even if you are too busy to subscribe or don’t have money to subscribe per month, some free channels will still be available for you movie channel. Their monthly subscription is N2500.00.
4. MULTITV: this a free satellite based in Ghana. You don’t need to subscribe monthly. It’s free! They have approximately 15 channels. We have another service provider transmitting to the same satellite that multitv is transmitting to. This infinity is also still broadcasting free. They have approximately 10 channels. This make an approximate of 25 channels on this satellite free ranging from sports, foreign, Yoruba and Igbo movies, news, cartoons, documentaries, Jesus channels etc. they are all interesting channels you can’t afford not to install.

For inquiry and more information on how to install your satellite and if you want to install your satellite anywhere in Nigeria,
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